Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Puppykilling Atheists

Enter the Jabberwock will have this same tract dissected in very much the same way I will in two or so days. Just watch. I think he's on to me. The last few of his have been mine, with slightly different wording, and usually about 53 more comments than mine. Pay attention to the dates. But no matter.

So kiddies, have you been baptizing your beloved pets in the name of the Lawd? 'Cause if you haven't been, they're rotting in hell right now being pushed facefirst through flaming sink incinerators while being raped with serrated knives. Or, I think that's how the story goes. It's hard to understand this tract because it's really an awfully bad metaphor. But something about Jesus, love, God, blah blah, Salvation, blah. Now featuring a lagoon monster named Cleo.

Oh my god! What is it? It's... It's got a large, single porcelain tooth coming out of its dirty-yellow maw, and a human femur under its toeless paw! Run! Oh my god, oh my fucking god, RUN FOR THE NUCLEAR SHELTER!!

"Before we start our trip, we'd all better go back in the house to see if we forgot anything. First aid kit... check.... picnic basket... check... map and hotel information.... check.... cardboard 'ZZZZZZZ' placard...check.... dog that has been dead long enough for rigor mortis to set in... check.... pants-wetting behemoth butterfly.... check...."

That kid looks like someone just sucked out his soul. ... Hey, wait a minute, I think I understand what's going on here. There's a reason we can't see his hand or his lower body, and he looks so surprised.

"Arf Arf" Ladies, gents, meet John Wayne Gacy's dog. Woofy the Long-lashed Pirate-Bearded Dog Thing. I'm sorry, this thing just strikes an icicle into all my inner being. It came out of a horrible, demented carnival. It wants blood. It cannot feel. It is a merciless murder machine. This is a prime example of Chick overcutesying his characters until they become sticky, hyperglycemic monsters.

Woo! Here's some of that gravity-defiance/background indistinction that Chick is famous for. Now, is JWGD sliding on the car door, or onto grass, or what? It's less of a slide than a superglued-by-the-butt-to-the-car-door stance. Either way, I'd hate to drive a car/have a lawn that looks that much like human hair.

.... Out of the ashes... This thing... chasing the gigantic mutant butterfly....

Is Grandma gonna DIE? He's so excited about this. This is one of those "and we get to see a guy with a finger missing! Coooool!" things that kids say. Just like explosions. You know. They shouldn't be driving on I-35 West... not until it gets fixed....

I'm glad Chickville has roving dogcatchers with deformed spines and very-bitable crotches. Stupid.

This... holy god... why..... is the cross-eye thing supposed to be cute, or what? I feel nothing for this grotesque monstrosity. I wonder how it eats; its tongue is always half-out.

Oh, now it catches on. It's in a giant whaling net. They're about to paint the beaches red with its blood, in addition to those... uh... they look like really enthusiastic Eskimos? Like, tiled. Maybe. I don't understand it either.

CLEO! Help! I'm drowning in this tablecloth quicksand! Help! It's stylizing me! I look horrendous! Help, before I get sucked into the Chickverse Vortex!!! HEEEELLLPPP!!!!

... PLEASE don't let her get killed. We all know how much you like killing innocent things, but could you, like, hold off on the deathfest for 3 days? I mean, all those African children are game, but please, PLEASE don't kill my darling puppy-monster.

Stay stylish with Bono Nascar shades.

I feel sick too!

Okay, is this starting to bother anyone else? Why does this kid keep saying these "oh, whoops, looks like I drove over my cell phone, time to get a new one" phrases? Like, he's seething with sarcasm when he says this. I don't blame him, I'd want to get rid of that lagoon beast too.

Slurp slurp, oh baby.... jeez, racy or what?

-toss- Eh, okay, here's your new home. If you could, trim down your beard please. It makes the other puppies uncomfortable.

Okay, I want to know what the fuck is this kid's problem. Is he just pathologically afraid of everything? He looks like he's staring at a huge fucking brown recluse on the back of his sleazy car-salesman father's head. Maybe the sliver storm going on behind him creeps him out. Or his father's apathy.

Oh my god. Seriously, does Timmy have Down's? Why is his face so round and his eyes so buggy? They aren't even focused! He's always hugging his father. This is freaky. Another thing, why does he always, always turn the conversation toward God saving Cleo? Like, fuck granny, I want my creepy oral-sex-whore lapdog!!!11

And it seems that Bob Vila finally got his Ph.D. and is .... operating on fundie parents.

Wooo, skyscrapers with multiple personalities. Norman Bates-ish, ain't it? He's either Timmy or Grandma.

And what is that horrible liverspotted thing? It needs its reading glasses apparently. Chick is eagerly counting down the time he has before he can kill a puppy. That says it all right there.

Isn't Timmy just the most annoying manchild you've ever seen? How long til we get there? How long til we get there? I'd shoot the kid behind a quiet barn between the eyes, personally.

NOOOOOOOOOO! Don't kill it! It's a super-duper-rare kind of aardvark!

What bothers me is how awful he is at basic math/reading. How many dogs are here, Herb? Why, there are clearly 3.

Finally, we get to see this bug-eyed monster die. I know what my nightmares will be about tonight.

No! Stop! This is a base of the United States Armed Forces! Deadly force is authorized. I mean, I won't mind, but that definitely isn't a pound. Detainment chambers and guards on the wall? What kind of animals do they keep?

Oh, now Cleo develops navel mouth. Watch your hand, Jew Animal Control Officer, because that's a nuclear dog you've got there.

There! I've finally pinpointed where I've seen that horrid face before. Behold: Dramatic chipmunk. You know, I get the feeling that all the skin is going to crawl away from his eyes, until he's just a scalp with horrible, horrible eyes staring into forever. God that would rock so hard.

Oh, oh, cheap. Why the fuck does Chick just up and stop caring on some of these panels? Oh, okay, he's slamming himself in the door. That's much better.

I have to kill this dog! Raaaar, I'm a bald guy with giant ears! You caught me in the nick of time, I was about to rape your dog, considering how Chick gave it an arrow instead of an asshole (why he didn't just leave it off is beyond me). You can pay at the office, and we accept all major forms of rap----payment, uh, yeah....

She has no eyes! SHE HAS NO EYES!!! That is really, really creepy.

Oh, my god, please make this stop. This is scarring my psyche. He loves that dog a little too much. Jack Chick, I know you love to draw make-out scenes, but for the love of all things holy at least don't endorse children tongue-stabbing dogs. I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't allow that.

No, no you didn't. You learned (if you didn't already know) that you kid is an annoying little shit that doesn't give a damn about their immediate family, but instead the horrible monster creature thing you probably bought him and are unaware of his affinity to bestiality toward.

And... the dog is still going. That's an awfully affectionate dog.

Crazy old Jack, always spinning the least god-related instances with some sort of "hey y'all jeeeesus did this" twist.

Yeah, God's a doghumper. I kind of like "Herb" being an avatar of god, it's more accurate to what he is than the Bible God incarnation.

Who cares if you ran into deep trouble? Unless that's what caused a bomb to go off behind your head, why is this relevant?

Cleo looks like she needs a smoke. Amirite?

This is so unnecessary. If Chick was more efficient, this tract would be four panels long. But that would entail clipping off some of the bullshit, which is probably less likely than the Rapture.

That there's some irony, good news (TM) with an asterisk.

Blah, blah, whatever, Jesus, fuck off. That's not awesome.

Pray like this Timmy? Not any old Timmy, but this particular Timmy?

WOW! Cleo is still really, really horny! This is so awesome!!!


What a dark, creepy journey that was. Hopefully next time Chick can keep his paraphilia to himself. This had absolutely nothing to do with Jeeezus either, so I don't understand what just happened. Apparently you too can go to heaven--- if I see a receipt within 10 minutes.


Rat Demons Rule said...

I have noticed you and Jabberwock have been dissecting similar tracts within the past month now.

I am left wondering why this tract used a random dog instead of Fang. Imagine how much more dramatic that would be.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Jabberwock don't like, go to war with each other. I read you both, I don't want either of you to quit!

Warren said...
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Warren said...

Man I can't believe our dog almost died, I mean we only saved her by minutes. Minutes I tell you! Anyway since I'm such a wildly devout Christian that I've never once mentioned Christ to you, my son, I'll bring him up now in the most disjointed and convoluted way possible.

Jr. said...

Me at war with Jabberwock? Nah. He's my hero. I'm just seeing whether he'll notice that we're doing the same ones.

And I miss Fang too!

Amber de Katt said...

Why were they taking the dog to the hospital, anyway?? Dogs aren't allowed at hospitals, especially in the ICU.

And what kind of moron just waits when their dog has run off? Especially when the neighbor said they saw a dogcatcher? I'd've been on the phone to every shelter and pound in the city, giving them the description of my missing dog. AND I'd mobilize any friends or friendly neighbors I knew to help with the search.

Pounds and shelters will hold animals if you've called with a description... and they hold them if you need to pay the fine, too. They don't just kill them off like that.

But that wouldn't fit with Jackie-boy's tortured little plot device.

Tracey said...

When are you going to dissect another tract?

JCrowley said...

Er, hope you're not implicitly accusing me of plagiarism or anything. Not to break anyone's hearts, but I tend not to read a lot of other blogs these days, including this one.

Sorry if we're saying similar things (I honestly haven't even checked to verify this), but it's hard to miss the myriad ways these Tracts are fucked up. Odds are, we're going to find the same things in them. :P

Omny said...

That "dog" looks like Chewbacca in drag.

ZeldaQueen said...

Ya'know, I'm fairly certain that pounds don't operate like that.

And the kid acting like the whole redemption story is so new to him? What's up with that? He spends the entire tract praying for God to save his dog, but he doesn't know about the Crucifiction?